Our Services

All services scheduled using the Scout app will include notifications of check-ins & outs, potty breaks, feedings,  and GPS tracked walks. You will also receive photos of your pet during the booking. Pets will be given fresh water and of course a lot of love!



Dog Walking

dog walking.jpg

A  walk or play session to give your pup the exercise they deserve!

30 minute rate starting at $18

60 minute rate starting at $30

One additional dog: +$5 per walk

Three or more dogs: +$10 per walk

Holiday rates start at $23

Drop In Visits 


An in home visit where dogs are let out into your backyard, or care is given to pets that do not need extensive exercise. Pets are fed and litter boxes are cleaned.

30 minute rate starting at $18

60 minute rate: $30 per visit


One additional pet: +$5

Three or more pets: +$10

Holiday rates start at $23

Pet Taxi

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Life is busy, we get it! Allow us to help by driving your pets to their daycare, grooming or veterinary appointments

Up to 10 miles starting at $18

$1 per additional mile over 10 miles

$10 waiting service per 15 minutes 

One additional pet: +$5

Three or more pets: +$10

Holiday rates start at $23

Image by Vasylyna Kucherepa

Event Inclusion

Do you want your pets to be a part of a special event such as your wedding or a photoshoot session? We can make it happen!

Reach out with a detailed description of the services you'll need (such as transportation to event venue, estimated time frame spent at venue, etc.) for a specific quote.

About Our Services

  • All visits include feeding (if needed), fresh water, and a potty break. 

  • An additional $5 will be applied to any service scheduled between 8:00pm - 8:00am.

  • A $5 surcharge will apply to any services booked on a holiday or holiday weekend.
    (Holiday weekends include the corresponding Friday, Saturday & Sunday when applicable.) 

    Holidays / holiday weekends observed are New Years Eve, New Years Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter / Weekend, Memorial Day / Weekend, Independence Day / Weekend, Labor Day / Weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving / Day After Thanksgiving / Weekend,  Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.